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“This needed to be a show about Clark Kent, not about Superman,” Tom said. When we got into Season 5, they started to say, ‘Well…maybe…’ But I always maintained that’s not the show. Welling’s co-star Kristin Kreuk, who left Smallville completely in 2009 and didn’t return for the series finale, came back to The CW in 2012 with a new take on the Beauty and the Beast TV series (which is wrapping this year). there's people who don't like it, but I will tell you that no one has ever actually asked me to do it. There are fans who want that story to play out, no matter what. The superhero show — which starred Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum — ended up lasting 10 full seasons despite losing a few cast members along the way. On the other hand, some superhero enthusiasts believe Kara Zor-El and Kal-El's characters are integral to each other despite the two landing on earth at different times. Tags: smallville, supergirl, tom welling, tv news debuted on the WB (back before it was the CW) back in 2001 and captured the hearts of many tweens, teens, and even hardcore comic book fans.

Allison Mack, Eric Johnson, Sam Jones III, Annette O’Toole, John Glover, and John Schneider all helped round out the original cast of the show, which premiered October 16, 2001 — a little over a month after the horrific events of 9/11 left TV audiences wanting a hero to root for.Some fans were disappointed to see that Tom Welling wasn’t very visibly seen in the Superman costume, but no one can deny that the shirt rip that concluded the series, combined with hearing the classic John Williams “Superman” score, gave audiences goosebumps.Tom Welling has since surfaced in small roles including Draft Day and Parkland, and was set to produce and star in a new series titled which was in contention for CBS, (which unfortunately did not order a pilot to film during this development cycle).Fortunately, Clark had no idea what the hell he was doing and I had no idea what the hell I was doing,” Welling said to Buzzfeed‘s Jarett Wieselman earlier this year.“We kind of grew up together.” Tom also, in a roundabout way, defended his decision not to go full Superman in the series.

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