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He informs the detective that his estranged wife has a disreputable new boyfriend, and asks him to look into the man’s background.Morse is reluctant, but is shamed into acquiescence by Lorimer’s wounding comments on his student’s own infatuation with Susan, the ‘brown-eyed blonde’ who still haunts our Endeavour’s inner life.The shared trauma of their hostage experience brings Morse and Joan closer together, leading to Morse’s realisation (courtesy of a touch of jealousy at Joan’s brief fling with the manipulative Marlock, along with a touching montage of all the shy detective’s missed opportunities with her in the past) of his slow-burning love for Thursday’s daughter.Sadly, Joan has seen too much of the perils of life with a policeman, and decides to leave Oxford for a fresh start elsewhere.Shaun Evans and Sara Vickers have one last bittersweet scene together, in a conclusion to their story that’s been foreseeable from the beginning, but is no less wrenching for all that.In a generally mournful episode, there are some bright spots of humour.Morse returns to his alma mater, Lonsdale College, for an evening concert, and runs into his former tutor, Dr Felix Lorimer (the excellent Mark Heap).

Cole Matthews (Tom Mc Kay) and his brother Peter (Tom Mothersdale) are planning a robbery at the Oxford bank at which the late Clissold was a customer. It’s far from unexpected, given that we’ve been noting disturbing hints of impending tragedy ever since we first learnt of Thursday’s failing health.However, the cortege belongs to someone else entirely: local villain Harry Rose, whose mourners are under the surveillance of none other than Thursday and Strange.Although Morse and his mentor are eventually reconciled, the balance has shifted, and we get the sense that things will never quite be the same again.We always knew that Morse’s love life was doomed to disaster, of course, but hope springs eternal even when we really ought to know better.

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