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Symptoms are often mild or absent in young children, but the disease becomes more serious with advancing age. Following hepatitis A illness immunity is lifelong.Those at increased risk include travellers visiting friends and relatives, long-stay travellers, and those visiting areas of poor sanitation.The Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka has reported a dengue epidemic.More than 100,000 cases have been reported across the country.For travellers further details, if required, should be sought from their healthcare professional. Tetanus bacteria are present in soil and manure and may be introduced through open wounds such as a puncture wound, burn or scratch.Travellers should thoroughly clean all wounds and seek appropriate medical attention.See the individual chapters of the ‘Green Book’ Immunisation against infectious disease for further details.Please read the information below carefully, as certificate requirements may be relevant to certain travellers only.

Those who may be at increased risk of an infectious disease due to their work, lifestyle choice, or certain underlying health problems should be up to date with additional recommended vaccines.This includes: A sterile medical equipment kit may be helpful when travelling to resource poor areas.Vaccination could be considered for all travellers, and is recommended for those whose activities or medical history put them at increased risk including: JE is a viral infection transmitted to humans from animals (mainly pigs and birds) by mosquitoes which typically breed in rice paddy fields, swamps and marshes.The information on these pages should be used to research health risks and to inform the pre-travel consultation.For advice regarding safety and security please check the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website.

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