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Eysenck (1947) announced the successful isolation of two distinct personality factors following research with 10,000 “normal” and “neurotic” participants and factor analysis of the intercorrelations among 39 trait ratings made by psychiatrists on 700 “neurotic” individuals.Eysenck developed his model from Cattell’s Sixteen-Factor Model.Factor analysis of the surface traits reduced them to 16 “source traits” (something within the person, but not directly observable, considered to be the causal influence of observable behaviour).

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Cattell (1943), who was a student of Spearman, also applied factor analysis to trait psychology (see below).More inconsistencies emerged from a Swiss study that confirmed a four-factor solution on a sample of 386 general population participants (Rossier, Meyer de Stadelhofen, & Berthoud, 2004).Despite the criticisms and non–replication of factors within Cattell’s approach, he and his colleagues were responsible for the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF: Cattell et al., 1973) and Cattell did pave the way for the development of the FFM.This theory places importance upon both the “actor” and the “observer” in the assessment of personality and its implications in the workplace.Furthermore, it considers that social situations exist only within an individual’s subjective understanding and not within the physical environment.

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