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Memorial Services by School Children and Bridge Workers in Tribute to Golden Gate Bridge Dead. JUNE 1— TUESDAY Children's Spring Festival — Fleet Cutter Races.

Schonfeld Room 379, Local 320 CRIMINAL DEPARTMENTS Hall of Justice Kearny and Wasliington Streets Dept.

Dunn Second Floor, Local 335 PROBATION BOARD Office: 550 Montgomery Street DOuglas 3923 JUDGES: SUPERIOR COURT Hon.

Gard Office Engineer Kathryn Hunter Stenographer Marianne Kane Stenographer Federation of Municipal Employees Room 517, Grant Building Harold J.

Layne Finance PUBLIC LIBRARY Larkin Street at Civic Center Telephone HEmlock 2121, Local 56 LIBRARY COMMISSION Eustace Cu Uinan President R. Hale First Vice-President Thomas Rolph Second Vice-President Sylvester Adriano, Mrs.

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