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’ Gifts To cement this growing relationship your predator will start giving you things.It depends on the circumstances you are in at the time, but for me, I was given a bedroom makeover, clothing, gifts of money, phone calls to my family overseas paid for by my groomer.We will be adding more to the archives in coming months, so stay tuned! We screen any potential beaus for compatibility to our family structures.My predator issued a new-ish statement this morning on his website, and for a brief moment I thought about issuing my own retaliatory statement on my blog in response to his very personal attack towards me and the other women who bravely shared the secrets he was hoping we would keep.

Let me lay it out here – there is a clear process of sexual grooming that a predator uses. You will feel grateful to them, and humbled that they have shown such interest in you.Every woman I have spoken with who has experienced some form of sexual harassment or abuse agrees that these are predominant aspects of a groomer. Special A predator will make you feel special and favored by them.At some point in this process, your groomer will start touching you—at first it will be very mild, very innocent, very grandfatherly. They will spend hours talking with you, paying attention to your words and your story. They will use words like this: “I have probably spent more one on one time with you than any other young woman you would know.” They will make you feel that you are the only person in the world that makes them happy. If you have a faith of any kind, they will use God’s name to reinforce that. With my good, acute memory that never allows me to forget, I can put myself back in that room, that hour, the one that changed the course of my life, and I now think of it as an evil hour.It brought harm to me, to my family, and to my friends.

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