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Here's to reassure you about some common fears people have: Gagging and being sick: The throat spray will do a lot to stop gagging, but even if you do gag, remind yourself that it's okay.

It doesn't feel nice, but you're not going to die or have permanent damage, and there's probably nothing in your stomach for you to vomit up.

Touching your gag reflex over time will desensitise it. This could be especially useful if you're the kind of person who gags when they brush their teeth or swallow pills.

If gagging really has you worried, I suggest Googling instructions (sword swallowers do this, as do people who... Sensitivity should return when you stop "exercising" the reflex (it's not good to weaken it forever, as it's there to stop you from choking! Making a fist with your left hand and squeezing your left thumb inside it is also said to suppress your gag reflex.

I remember thinking, no way am I ever going in there!

Then this year I suffered a few bad bouts of vomiting, and my GP again encouraged me to have a gastroscopy.

The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes max, no gagging at all. I'm really glad I didn't opt for sedation, as being aware of how easy it was going is what kept me calm throughout.

I was out of the hospital and on the bus home within 15min of being done.

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The doctor sprayed the numbing stuff into my mouth (it kind of stung and tasted weird, but it didn't bother me).

I was expecting to feel uncomfortable as my throat was numbed, but it wasn't bad at all. If you feel like you can't swallow and it weirds you out, just put your hand on your throat and feel yourself swallow from the outside.

The nurses then inserted the mouth piece, and the doctor told me to close my eyes. He told me to swallow, and next thing you know I felt it (very faintly) go down my throat.

I've had plenty of nights vomiting continuously for 10 hours, thinking I was going to suffocate, bursting blood vessels in my face from the violent gagging.

So, absolute worst case scenario, I'm sure you can manage a few minutes of that surrounded by nurses that are taking care of you. In preparation, I actually trained my gag reflex to be less sensitive.

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