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BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD.” That’s what Taylor Swift informs us halfway through her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first release from her forthcoming album , out in November.The central idea of “Look What You Made Me Do” is the same idea at the center of most Taylor songs: She was innocent, and she has been wronged. Taylor’s going all Emily Thorne on her enemies, she declares.Including a few breaks (hey, these guns can only take so much), this took me about an hour and a half, but it worked!!! The cork literally flew across my apartment at the wonderful photographer, Taylor. I KNOW there are probably people who can get this to work. I was left weeping on the floor without the one thing that could soothe me: my sweet, sweet wine. The wrench (or hammer if that's your thing) then is used to pull up on the cork and get it out. Obviously, having a glass bottle get banged against a wood surface would cause it to break. A hole formed, and I thought I could just pour the wine through, but the cork shavings kept getting stuck. Method: So the "engineering" of this seemed sound: You're just supposed to put two paper clips in the cork and then turn them so they act as a kind of hook. Maybe SOMEONE can wedge paper clips in there (the Hulk?? Also, I had to go out and buy paper clips because I don't have them just lying around my house. But I was too distracted by the promise of success and I became mad with power. Eventually, I pushed on through and you guessed it: WINE EXPLODED IN MY FACE, ON MY DOG, ON MY WALLS. This made me the most upset: It was impossible to get my keys in the cork as seamlessly as in the video. This twisty-turny novel inspired by The Crucible examines trauma, corruption, and the nature of truth."I don't know about 'best' twist, because it was horribly screwed up, but my jaw literally dropped open at the last couple of lines."–d49a7a252c Get a copy or get the audiobook.The author of the mind-blowing Fight Club is at it again with this bleak and shocking tale that examines the fucked-up recesses of one man's mind."Actually any of his books have crazy twists.But there's more to the arrangement that meets the eye."The first two books in the trilogy were so amazing and the world Johansen created was so intriguing.Then the ending of the last book completely surprised me.

My jaw was on the floor for the majority of the book."–c4bdd20ba4Get a copy or get the audiobook.

This books tells the story of SUPER dysfunctional twin sisters and their father.

The twist caught me so off guard that I had to flip back to the previous pages to make sure that I wasn’t misreading anything! Something happened two summers ago, but Cady can't remember what.

I watched my fiancé successfully do it, and since I'm a strong, independent lady, I wanted to make sure I could do it too. This was way more difficult and very unsuccessful when I used my sneaker. The screw went in, but it wouldn't come up, no matter how hard I pulled. So then I did something so stupid, I almost don't want to publish it online.

I switched to a boot with a wooden bottom and banged away. ) and extremely tiring, but I was encouraged by the cork moving little by little out of its home. All I know is that I tried for a good 20 minutes to no avail — not even a tiny bit of budging! Method: The principle here makes a lot of sense: Instead of a corkscrew, you just find yourself a regular ol' screw and leverage it the same way. The short story is: I banged the screw with the hammer out of desperation, and it started working. I basically jammed the scissors in, realized it would be a fucking disaster to pull up on the handle, and instead whittled away at the cork. I suspect this might have worked if I had whittled away at the cork like I did with the scissors, but alas. While there are inherent drawbacks to the shoe technique (mainly: it takes a while, is VERY loud, and you must use a shoe with a wooden sole), it was the only hack that worked and didn't leave the wine full of cork.

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