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The girls here love the local teams just as much as the guys, and thanks to consistently championship-caliber national teams, the minor league Detroit City FC and the recreational Detroit City Futbol League, and fowling, a sport we just went ahead and made up, there’s stuff going on just about 365 days a year.

A Tigers game on Tuesday, fowling on Friday, a DCFC game on Saturday, and disc golf on Belle Isle on Sunday -- this is your first week of dating.

They’re going to assume that you’re not going to be able to keep up; that for some reason, your weight is having an effect on your level of intelligence, your manners, what kind of a person you are.

Everything fits and it works together and you wear it in concert.

Guys, I mean, just do a Google search on John Daly.

You are trying to cause all this tension around your midsection and the farther down your pants go, the more likely they are to fall down.

The following are some of the most common tactics used by abusers to control their partners but certainly not a complete list.

The most obvious answer is usually the correct one: parental sponsorship.

When you wear suspenders, you can wear it in the midsection wear it a bit more loose because they’re being held up on your shoulders.

For a lot of guys, going from a point to a narrow point to a spread to a medium spread — medium spread works pretty well too — you’re going to be able wear a larger knot and proportionally, it’s going to start to spread out.

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