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Cutting to the chase, whomever is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, they weren't Canadian.

And if it's a Canadian-born Chinese soldier, then on Remembrance Day we're paying homage to a 'stateless registered alien'. November 11, 2014: Library and Archives Canada - War Art says Canadians are Citizens in 1944 - In the Library and Archives website citation below this poster, LAC clearly states: Figure 29: Poster illustrating that all war dead are Canadian citizens, 1944. November 11, 2014: Department of National Defence 1943 - The Battle of Brains Canadian Citizenship and the Issues of War - 1943 propaganda recruiting document published by Canadian military services clearly states Canadians are citizens.

7 — is to make it tougher to become a Canadian citizen as well as regulate citizenship consultants, the Bill will also help people born before 1947 and previously denied citizenship. February 21, 2014: Immigration Counsels of Canada - Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and Peter Mac Kay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today reinforced the government’s commitment to extend citizenship to more “Lost Canadians” through measures proposed in Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. February 21, 2014: Global TV Halifax - Citizenship, immigration advocates concerned with proposed reform - Canada’s Justice and Immigration ministers were in Halifax on Friday to discuss the proposed amendments to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act. February 20, 2014: Vancouver Observer - Immigration Minister Chris Alexander reveals contradictions in citizenship law - Citizenship and Immigration Minister Christopher Alexander tread a fine line between sympathy and sticking to government script when speaking about the overhaul to citizenship law proposed by the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

The amendments however have citizenship and immigration advocates warning the proposed bill is not be everything it seems. Speaking at the Sutton Hotel ballroom on Tuesday at an event hosted by the Canadian Club of Vancouver, Alexander spoke about the injustice suffered by Lost Canadians: legitimate Canadians whose citizenship was removed due to archaic and often blatantly discriminatory provisions of past laws.

Don Chapman and Howe Lee want Canadians to know that those who died before 1947, and whose graves are marked with maple leaves, are still not officially considered citizens by the federal government. November 10, 2014: 570 NEWS - Declare those who died serving Canada in world wars Canadian citizens: petition - Lee said that when he was born in Armstrong, B. November 10, 2014: CKOM - Declare those who died serving Canada in world wars Canadian citizens: petition - “My feeling is that we can’t or shouldn’t forget our history and it should be recognized. November 10, 2014: Huffington Post - Lost Canadians Group: Declare Citizenship For Pre-1947 War Dead - "If we allow this to continue, that our war dead weren't Canadian, let's go to all the graveyards in Europe and scratch out the maple leaves. Witnesses ranged from those who support the bill unreservedly, to those who oppose without qualification.

But once you actually die for your country, you're NOT. November 11, 2014: Department of External Affairs 1945 - Canadians Are Citizens - Referring to the upcoming introduction into Parliament of a new bill for Canadian citizenship, it talks about people who will be citizens once it has passed but then says "people who are now Canadian citizens under existing legislation will be recognized as Canadians under the (new) Bill." Click here to read more...

February 5, 2014: Rick Howe Show 88.9 FM - Listen to Rick Howe interview Don Chapman on 88.9 FM News Radio discuss proposed changes to the Citizenship Act which could finally solve the problem of War Bride children and children born out of wedlock prior to 1947. January 31, 2014: Rick Howe Show 88.9 FM - Listen to Rick Howe interview Don Chapman on 88.9 FM News Radio about the announcement by the Citizenship Minister that the lost Canadian issue will finally be resolved with the introduction of new legislation. January 29, 2014: The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Gordon Moore, is encouraged by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander's statement that changes to the Citizenship Act are forthcoming.

In particular, complicated circumstances that have barred War Brides and children of War Brides from obtaining Canadian citizenship will be fixed under new legislation. January 27, 2014: Ottawa Citizen - Canadian Citizenship Should Mean More - If there is a recurring theme in the statutory media reviews of the Conservatives on and around the eighth anniversary of their election, it is their fondness for incremental change. The exception is citizenship and immigration, which was long the prerogative of Jason Kenney, the most effective minister in this government.

Don Chapman of the Lost Canadians comments about the failure of the Conservative government to rectify the inherent flaws in the Canadian Citizenship Act to deal with these outstanding cases. March 8, 2014: CFRB 1010 Talk Radio Toronto - On International Womens Day listen to this interview with Don Chapman, leader of the Lost Canadians, as he explains the Lost Canadian issue from the perspective of discrimination against women and womens rights. February 21, 2014: Coast Reporter - Long time citizenship advocate reacts to new legislation - After working to change Canada’s citizenship law for most of his adult life, Gibsons’ resident Don Chapman is “guardedly optimistic” that proposed reform to the existing Act will finally allow many Lost Canadians to assume their rightful status as Canadian citizens.

While the main gist of the new legislation, Bill C-24 — the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, introduced in the House of Commons on Feb.

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