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My work examines why oppa is the only kinship term that has multiple indexical meanings and why it can only be used in a heteronormative context.By surveying and interviewing both Korean-Americans and Koreans who currently live in Korea, I seek to understand the difference in attitudes I have observed between these two groups of people, and to demonstrate a global comparison in the use of a kinship term such as oppa that has multiple meanings in context.Native American identity is a complex issue, and in my essay I offer insight into the contested question of blood quantum.Many students engaging with GIS and cartography today have little to no experience with programming.I found that blood quantum is never one of these aspects, but community involvement, a shared history, and familial and social ties are what dominate the conversation.I conclude that no single factor can be used to determine Native American identity, and that although there are no simple answers to questions of identity, community, and membership, more inclusive factors like lineage and community connectedness should be considered in membership criteria.

To solve this affordability crisis, policymakers turned to low-income housing that government either subsidizes purchasing or provides directly to low-income households. Throughout the entirety of American history, critics and advocates have vocalized opinions for both the criminalization and liberalization of access to reproductive control options.

With programming, students can develop custom geoprocessing tools, design and query their own geographic databases, and create interactive maps that behave in novel and unexpected ways.

This research lays out a framework for a critical, code-­based geospatial education based on a semester­-length, self-instructed course.

The development of a complex railway system in the heart of a bustling industrial city such as London had profound effects on shaping the city’s social geography.

The railway system, primarily funded and built by the British capitalist middle class, reflected their interests as the iron roads spread throughout the city.

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    However, within Ming China's imperial state system, the civil government were the primary political opponents of the eunuchs and the opposing faction against the expeditions.

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    Modern research has not confirmed the positive finding about hemp hurds from 1916.