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She’s been known to send hilarious e-mails about the travails of living with Hince in North London and is an unabashed fan (in fact, one Kills song was the soundtrack for the show’s second-season promo, and Mosshart has friends in the cast). Hedi Slimane made these, and now I have three pairs of the gold, plus pairs in every other color, in black, in patent. I just sang at first—I didn’t ever play guitar before The Kills. MOSSHART: I was in another band in Florida, touring and going to school. I told him I wanted to start writing myself, and he lent me a four-track to take on the road for the rest of my tour, which I took as an opportunity to mix, like, 20 tapes of music and bring them back to have Jamie listen to them. Mosshart is so down-to-earth she meets me a little late because she was up late last night chain-smoking cigarettes, writing songs, and painting, at one point spilling thick black lacquer all over a white wall at her week-long sublet in the East Village. MOSSHART: Embarrassingly enough, I think these are the exact same jeans I’ve worn on the past two tours. I have a friend [at Dior] who reorders a pair for me whenever mine get tired. I started that band when I was in junior high school—BLASBERG: Wait, junior high? " So I said, "Let's get as much Equipment stuff as we can."AM: I used to go to a lot of Pam Hogg shows. Basically, it ensures that you never wash your hair, so it starts to do some cool stuff. to 12 p.m., I was pretty much just taking my dog for a walk in the rain. The tour for The Kills’ third album, (Domino), ended only days earlier, and she has just gotten off a flight from Japan. I expressed an interest to Jamie in working with him. In New York on downtime, she’s a soft, smiley songwriter from Vero Beach, Florida, with a shy, nervous giggle. I said that I was done with the band I was in—I felt like all I did was make up words to other people’s songs—and I wanted to do something different. It’s a very important date for the 30-year-old singer, marking the first time she took the stage with Jamie Hince, her cohort in The Kills. Regarding Kate, you could look at the sales for The Babyshambles [Moss dated Pete Doherty, who is the band’s lead singer and guitarist] and say having Kate attached to your band—in the media, anyway—doesn’t necessarily help. It was a Sunday when he should have arrived, but he didn’t. He is one of V magazine’s senior editors and is a contributing editor at and several international editions of Vogue.As half of one of London’s most celebrated punk-rock alt bands (complete with fashion street cred and a supermodel groupie in the form of Hince’s lady friend), Mosshart has her hardcore stage persona down. Sometimes we sit together and jam things out—but we’re both equally controlling and equally secretive. The music enters this public realm, whereas before it was private. You don’t even know how you’re going to react to playing it. BLASBERG: So you never thought your song “Sour Cherry” would become a promo? It’s a totally different group of people who read tabloid magazines compared to hardcore music fans and people who go to gigs. Three tons of black metal vanished into thin air, with all of our things in it. Well, the manhunt was called off when the bus—but not the driver—was found behind a Best Western in L. by our friend Lalo Medina, who kept me abreast, minute by minute, like an episode of , as 10 armed policemen and a helicopter arrived on the scene and entered the bus. MOSSHART: Lalo, the coolest dude alive, very nicely packed it up and sent it to us.

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Back then, guitarist Jamie Hince and singer Alison Mosshart were the bizarro White Stripes: a boy-girl duo playing blues and garage rock, but with perfect hair, skinny jeans and all the added danger of someone likely to spill your drink and the steal your partner.The rockers were the guests of honor for the release of Paris Spleen: The Kills Live at L'Olympia, a rock-documentary-cum-fashion-campaign launched in collaboration with the French brand. I saw this shirt that was the most beautiful shirt I'd ever seen. The thing about London Fashion Week is that generally we're on tour and traveling around, so it's very rare that I actually catch it. If someone I know is involved with something, then that's interesting to me because I have a relationship with them. Every day it's a different country, different time zone. Pre-performance screening, the two let Jamie Hince: Basically, she was wearing all these really amazing shirts when we played live. I like to go to Burberry, because I know a few girls who work there. AM: I'm in like the weirdest place, because I feel like America's brand new. If you asked me where home was, I've never felt like I've had that. But the intensity remains, and their chemistry is undeniable: at one point as Mosshart postures at the edge of the stage, Hince, like everyone else, looks on in admiration.Kate Moss performed with Babyshambles when she was courting the rock band’s dissolute singer, Pete Doherty.

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