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Because the women know that they’re going to be working illegally in the country that they’re going to, they actually help the trafficker by lying to the customs officials.At this point, we didn’t know exactly what she was going to do. We didn’t know what kind of vehicle she would have.Women are lured to the port of Odessa from all over the struggling countries of Eastern Europe with promises of badly-needed work abroad.Many are unaware of what the traffickers have in store. RIC ESTHER BIENSTOCK, Producer: We knew if we wanted to get inside the story that we had to be in a place where it was so prevalent that everybody would have an example or know people who were trafficked.Tonight, FRONTLINE takes a hidden camera look deep inside the new global sex trade.

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Many are destined for the legitimate jobs that Olga has promised, but according to a convicted trafficker who agreed to speak with us, some of these young women are headed for a far worse fate.

Olga leads the team to a notorious spot in Aksaray. KATERINA: [subtitles] Look, the police are right there and she’s making a sale. KATERINA: [through interpreter] They brought us to an apartment. He told me to get dressed because I was going to work. They’re taken to these apartments and these houses, usually in remote areas, and men come in and break them. NARRATOR: Back at the port of Odessa a few days later, Olga’s business is done. NARRATOR: Katia and Viorel met in Odessa, where Viorel worked as a bartender. If she comes tomorrow with Katia, this might all be over. VIOREL: [subtitles] He’s lying, I’m telling you. NARRATOR: Maria promises to speak to Apo and set up a meeting between the three of them.

This parking lot is an unofficial market for Russian migrant workers. ANYA: [through interpreter] There were some men at a table outside a cafe. They make her submit to every indignity in front of all the girls. The Ukrainian secret service says she’ll soon return here with a new group of recruits. Her nightmare began when an acquaintance of theirs offered to take her to Turkey, where she could buy goods cheaply for her mother’s market stall back home. Give me your shirt with the hidden microphone and camera, and you’ll be able to listen to what’s going on. MARIA: [subtitles] We wanted to have normal relations with you and give Katia back. NARRATOR: Maria accuses Viorel of trying to get Apo and her arrested at the airport a few weeks earlier. VIOREL: [subtitles] That’s 100 percent bulls***. Go back to your cop and kick his head in because he’s lying. All I’m saying is, let her go and your problem is solved. As he waits for Maria’s call, Viorel begins to worry that Apo and Maria may simply get rid of the problem by selling Katia to another pimp.

We wanted to answer some fundamental questions, like why don’t these women run away and how do they get across borders and how do they get kidnapped and how could they really be enslaved in you know, at this point in history.

FELIX GOLUBEV, Producer: Sex trafficking only started with the fall of the Soviet Union, when the borders opened up and it became much easier for traffickers to find desperate girls, girls with no education, girls that they can fool, and persuade them to go abroad.

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