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He relies on his brother, Lorian, a noble fighter who readily shoulders his brothers darkness, to help protect him.This battle is a challenge typical of Dark Souls standards.It's a truly innovative title in the long running, dark action-adventure platforming series.It's final boss is inevitably the Lord of Darkness himself: Count Vlad Tepes - Dracula.This winged beast fires beams of fire and energy from his hands and eyes as the floor begins to give way. Jublieus, The Creator is one of the most beautiful, fluid games that I have ever played, with its intermix of sword and gun play acrobatics and tunes which you can't help but hum over and over.It's game design which definitely pushes the genre into the realms of high art.When you do, the relief quickly turns into a frantic battle to survive. It's been two years since I took the plunge and bought a copy from my local retro store in Ireland, but it's been a game series that I return to over and over again.

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But one of the most memorable moments about this Boss is not the battle itself, but how you find it.The three aspects to this demon are inventive and grotesque.We begin with the traditional depiction of Dracula, brooding complete with opera cape, seated on his throne, mocking our young adventurer.The 'End of Level' Boss is a time-honored tradition in video gaming history and it's hard to think of a genre that doesn't have a superior foe for you to prove your skill and triumph over.From the earliest days of gaming to the modern era, these figures have evolved and grown with the nature of the immersive narrative, which has been cultivated by some of the best writers in the genre.

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