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The goal is to boost the impact to one million customers a day by 2020.Another technology-driven solution backed by Piramal’s foundation is Piramal Swasthya, a Hyderabad healthcare organisation.Many believe that resources invested in long-term systemic change have the greatest impact.But there is a strong case for the importance of short-term philanthropy, says Peter Cafferkey in Billionaire magazine.Read More Peter Cafferkey, Chief Executive of Boncerto, was recently asked to speak at the Online Legacy Summit run by Legacy Institute International.This article originally appeared on the Institute's Linked In page.At Piramal Realty, we strive to create spaces that significantly improve the quality of life of individuals and families, by setting gold standards in customer-centricity, architectural design, quality and safety.

However, with only 40 percent of the population currently being helped by India’s embryonic healthcare sector, it also presented a potential commercial opportunity, assuming the major issues of delivery for a remote and rural population can be overcome.

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Piramal supports the development of social enterprise to create market solutions for some of the largest barriers to India’s development — access to safe water, healthcare, education and youth leadership — and benefit 61 million unserved and underserved Indians.

Piramal’s solution to lack of clean water is technology-driven and market-led.

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