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:: “How strange it is to think of how time goes by and how things change at such a fast pace.

A year ago, we were together, celebrating your day.

We are currently very good friends and I have so much fun with you.

Congratulations on this day.”– “Although our relationship is over I will always remember you because with you I lived unforgettable moments.

It does not necessarily has to be someone’s fault; some people are very good, but they just do not work well together.

If you have been through a relationship that has ended, remember that it does not have to mean cutting all contact with that person as long as everything finished well, of course.

Some couples can end their engagement with no hard feelings and no arguing, in a way that they can keep their friendship after breaking up and even maybe feel more united in this new stage because they see things from another point of view.

It has been a long time since I heard from you, I just hope you are doing well and that you are happy.

Have a very nice day”.:: “The moment we are living may not be the easiest of all, but I’m convinced that we must live it with dignity and respect, as we have always tried to live.

If you are among the group of people who has been able to overcome a break up, on good terms, then there is no reason why you should not share a birthday greeting with your ex on the day of his birthday.

We know that the situation is somewhat delicate, so it is important to choose the words accurately.

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