[3] Auto Alert & Falls – The Facts Philips Lifeline with Auto Alert with Fall Detection give your parent access to support 24/7/365, whether they’re having a medical emergency, need help after a fall, or are feeling lonely or disoriented.

This “virtual companion” gives you and your parent the confidence to continue living how and where s/he wants to.

Learn more about how to reduce the cost of caring for an aging parent. The direct costs of fatal and non-fatal falls among older adults—United States. [13] https:// Go Safe and Home Safe with Auto Alert and the Automated Medication Dispensing Service provide better monitoring and response, which can lower your parent’s need for in-home services like a home health aide (median cost: ,332) or homemaker service provider (median cost:,760).[14] Our personal emergency alert systems range from 9 to 9 per year; the Dispensing Service starts at 9 per year.

Check with your CPA about medical expenses – some systems that maintain medical information may be deductible.

You can customize and control dispensing for multiple medications, create reminders and instructions, and track when doses are missed and supplies are getting low.

The dispenser gives you and your parent confidence that the right meds are taken at the right time in the right way, and can lower costs by avoiding side effects, improving medication adherence to 96 percent, and reducing ER visits by 53 percent.[5] Learn more about the cost of medication errors.

" Two years later, Dibner's concept became a reality when he and his wife, sociologist Susan Dibner, established Lifeline Systems, Inc.

The Auto Alert Help Button detects more than 95 percent of many types of falls*, and can automatically call for help with or without the push of a button,** so help is on the way much faster than if your parent called 9-1-1 on their own. *Based on the number of undetected falls that have been reported to Philips Lifeline by U. Auto Alert subscribers for the period from January 2012 through July 2012.

Undetectable falls can include a gradual slide from a seated position – such as from a wheelchair, which may not register as a fall. If able, the user should always push their button when they need help.

Philips Go Safe and Home Safe with Auto Alert give your chronically ill parent access to assistance whenever s/he needs it.

[1] Go Safe gives your active parent the freedom to pursue their interests and activities with the confidence and security of knowing help is a button push away.

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