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Four versions of these consoles were produced, each including variations of a single game (for example, Color TV Game 6 featured six versions of Light Tennis).

A student product developer named Shigeru Miyamoto was hired by Nintendo at this time.

In 1983, Nintendo launched the Family Computer (colloquialized as "Famicom") home video game console in Japan, alongside ports of its most popular arcade titles.

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These systems do not contain interchangeable cartridges and thus the hardware was tied to the game.Proven to be popular, the design was patented by Nintendo.It later earned a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award.He then acquired the license to use Disney characters on playing cards to drive sales. The company then began to experiment in other areas of business using newly injected capital during the period of time between 19. It also set up a love hotel chain, a TV network, a food company (selling instant rice) and several other ventures.In 1963, Yamauchi renamed Nintendo Playing Card Co. In 1966, Nintendo moved into the Japanese toy industry with the Ultra Hand, an extendable arm developed by its maintenance engineer Gunpei Yokoi in his free time.

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