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—and applies it to everyday life, including real estate brokers, drug dealers, and nursery schools.

It defuses the sometimes dry perception of economics with a healthy dose of "Freak" in the book's title..

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Orbitz applies this insight, altering displayed options according to your operating system.

Customers who register for a free account with an e-mail address are almost five times more likely to convert to a paid, premium-level membership than those with a e-mail address.

Answer: The most actionable thing to be gained from data is Big data grows wildly, organically.As the Danish physicist Niels Bohr put it, "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." People are unpredictable.Better data helps prediction more than better math and models do, but we'll never predict with high accuracy. The massive operations of companies and government agencies benefit greatly by playing the odds better, tipping the numbers games they already play in our favor.In this heyday of big data, we thus make hay of this valuable overgrowth of "weeds," the residual side effect of organizations conducting business as usual.This is in contrast to economics and other social sciences, which often must actively conduct experimental studies in order to accrue pertinent data., 2011).

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