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thanks If ure trying to meet sum1 there are websites such as If sum1 likes u, don’t be afraid to open up.

Im not saying go ahead and tell ur business to everyone you feel that ure attracted to, but life is all about risks. Your life is different now, but ure not disgusting because u have it.

Yes, I have herpes and because of those people that judge us I have been hiding and making excuses not to date cuz I am afraid to tell men.

Stupid, yes, but if you don’t have the virus then you have know idea how hard it is to tell that person you like you have herpes.

Because HPV 16 may not cause outer symptoms but it causes cancer if left unchecked. As most of us caught what we had by not sleeping around, but from someone we were in a committed relationship with who we trusted. How is having an ailment as common as a cold gross? It’s uneducated people like you who publish lame stories such as this that cause such misconceptions about a simple virus that millions of people have. because one day you no you are going to have to tell them.

You people have NO IDEA how you can easily catch it. ignorance is why people who do have it are afraid to come out and be honest about it!!! so how do i meet a nice lady that may have it to and we dont have to say we have it.

i never in a million years thought that herpes could be the culprit.

ignore the very shocking pics on the net, in most cases they are VERY far from the truth. Society seems to poke fun at the disease, but In reality I think most people do that because they are ignorant, and feel like it will never happen to them.

Honestly I am tired of all of the negative stigma attatched to Herpes and HPV as well. about 1 in every 5 people have it or have (or had) some kind of STD. Life goes on, but people who are ignorant about it, make people feel that they’re not worth shit when they try to live a “normal” life.

As long as ure on top of ur game, u can live a normal n fun life.

But the most important thing is accepting that something in ur life has change, but not You. wow having herpes is not fun, people are so quick to judge (i kno cause i was like that before i got it), i just wish there was a way to educat America a little better on ur health issues.

I, too, thought it was gross, and then surprise, I got it.

1 in 5 American adults has herpes, those are high odds.

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