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However, not because it was led by an East Asian family – rather, the humor was broad, often stereotypical and network intervention had Cho being told she was “too Asian” and “not Asian enough” in equal measure whatever that means.

Representation is important – kids need to be able to see themselves on TV.

While Gina Rodriguez was talking about the Latino community following her Golden Globe nomination, her point to Buzz Feed remains valid: “We need role models.

Jostle’s enterprise social network makes it easy to inform & connect employees to get work done.

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Wood Work will follow the adventures of Clint and Kelly Harp of Harp Design Co. You may recognize Clint and Kelly from their appearances on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

of eyeballs missing from a show that just may be the best new comedy of 2015.

Thank You page is a page that your site members will see after they have paid for a service or a premium membership.

You can use this page to display the advantages of their new purchase as well as connect the page to analytics to track conversions.

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