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Making decisions about teens and dating ahead of time will save some headache in the long run.

I still feel like a teen, and having had the opportunity to teach teens last year and this year in a Bible study class, they have become my favorite people to hang out with. Our family rule is that dating starts at the age of 16. Couples can form as early as elementary school, and though it’s fairly innocent at that age, and definitely not considered “dating” in my mind, it’s one of the things that as parents we can be supportive of it, on the fence, or against it.

I’m so excited to start sharing more thoughts on parenting teens, in a monthly series with a few friends, where they will join me in talking about teen topics, as we share our thoughts/experiences. It’s always been that, they have always known, so that decision was made well in advance. Not sure if it’s because of my chill boys, or because they’ve just always known the family rule. My daughter was “asked out” in 4th grade, and though I thought it was adorable and fairly harmless, she said, “I can’t date til I’m 16” to the boy, and that was that.

It doesn’t have to be serious, or because you are a couple with someone, just GO!

Yes, it’s scary and awkward and complicated at times, but it’s so important for growth and learning, and stepping into adulthood!

I’ll part with a picture of myself and my teenage boys. I love their goodness, their thoughtfulness, and though they’ve got much learning in the art of communication ahead of them, I know they will figure it out. Dating is an important aspect of life…you gotta do it!

As much as I adore them, and secretly wish they don’t grow up and leave me, I want them to spread their wings, and eventually get married, and you can’t do that without dating!

In a nutshell, it’s like a teen guide book on a bunch of topics, outlining suggested behaviors that we believe will guide them to living happy lives.

Yep, it gets complicated FOR SURE, why start it so young??

Here’s what gets tricky…in this day and age with texting so much, the art of communication is getting lost, and it seems people aren’t dating as much just for fun.

It shouldn’t be so serious, it should be more of just practicing social skills.

My kids may be just fine sitting at home, or just hanging out with their friends, but now that my oldest is 16, I WANT him to go on dates…JUST FOR FUN!

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