Dating hausa men

They will tell you you’re perfect just the way you are, and yet, they wish you’d do something different.

If you think about it, just how much truth is your boyfriend or husband telling you?

But if the relationship becomes less about us as a couple and more about who is right or wrong in every single instance, the relationship probably won’t progress beyond the short-term level. By doing so you can find a man who loves you for who you truly are, not someone who loves who you are pretending to be.

Of course, you can change the traits of yours that you truly believe needs changing, but if you have traits that give you confidence and make you feel good about yourself, don’t ever change that just to impress your guy!

CLIMATE AND WEATHER Nigeria lies entirely within the tropics yet there are wide climactic variations.

In general, there are two seasons, dry and wet, throughout Nigeria.

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EMPIRES Kanem-Borno: While there is no direct evidence to link the people of the Jos Plateau with the Nok culture, or the Eze Nri of today with Igbo Ukwu, the history of Borno dates back to the 9th Century when Arabic writers in north Africa first noted the kingdom of Kanem east of Lake Chad.

Today there are estimated to be more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria.

While no single group enjoys an absolute numeric majority, four major groups constitute 60% of the population: Hausa-Fulani in the north, Yoruba in the west, and Igbo in the east.

Bolstered by trade with the Nile region and Trans-Saharan routes, the empire prospered.

In the next centuries, complex political and social systems were developed, particularly after the Bulala invasion in the 14th Century.

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