Dating describe your spirituality

Playing with someone’s affections in that way is cruel, and it comes as no surprise that such relationships are often short-lived.

“Many young ones who date break up with each other a week or two later,” says a youth named Heather.

Basically, even at this point I don’t trust myself to make such a decision. If you are not maintaining your own spirituality, how will you encourage a mate to do so? These are just a few things you need to consider if you are thinking about dating and marriage.

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Find out how your son or daughter feels about the challenges he or she faces at school and even in the Christian congregation.

Since dating is a stepping-stone to marriage, you would do well to ask yourself if you can tackle the responsibility that comes with being a husband or a wife—or even a father or a mother. Do you often lose your self-control with them, perhaps using harsh or sarcastic language to make a point? How you deal with family members indicates how you will treat a mate.—Ephesians , 32. Later, if you choose to date, you will have a better idea of who you are and of what you need in a lifelong partner. “I really think that you should be old enough to get married before you begin dating.

Otherwise, it would be like going to an interview for a full-time job when you’re still in school and really have no intention of accepting the job.”—Sondra, 21. “Girls ask me out, and I stand there thinking, ‘Oh, what am I going to do now?

Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic® will tell you what religion (if any) you practice..ought to consider practicing.

Most people have heard something or other about Kabbalah.

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