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IAPC notes that the country needs to “clarify that copying from illegal sources is illegal.” This is a reference to Swiss copyright law which contains a private copy exception but does not state that the copy has to be made from a legal source.This effectively legitimizes downloading and streaming of pirate content for personal use.While the IAPC recognizes former watch list entries Canada and Spain as nations “in transition” due to their recent efforts to reform copyright law, neither country escapes completely.Both are encouraged to continue down a legislative path that will see greater protection for US intellectual property. IAPC say that the Ukrainian government bowed to public protest.

Egy blogger most egy levélíró levelét elemzi, hogy létezhet, hogy még mindig a volt párját szereti.

In previous years’ reports the caucus hasn’t shied away from naming sites.

However, in recent months Torrent Freak has indeed noticed an upward trend of file-sharing related sites (Bit Torrent, streaming and cyberlockers) appearing on Swiss-based hosting.

The Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus has just released its 2012 International Piracy Watch List.

In addition to countries such as China, Russia and Ukraine, this year Italy and Switzerland make fresh appearances in the list.

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