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Castoreum is often used for vanilla, raspberry and strawberry flavoring.

You’ll see it on the ingredients list of packaging as Natural Flavoring.

Reviewers include Wisconsinites who claim this person hit the nail on the head. Blue Moon ice cream is the only recipe ever posted by Chef #218515.Whether it’s an independent ice cream parlor that makes its own or a jilted former employee of Edgar A. who was once sworn to secrecy and now wants payback.Whatever the case may be, Whoo NEW will keep looking until we find the answers.A more likely theory, Schoenberg claims, is that Blue Moon was created by a man named Bill “Doc” Sidon. of Chicago, which now owns the trademark to the secret formula for Blue Moon ice cream.Sidon, who passed away in 1991, worked for Petran Products in Milwaukee as chief flavor chemist. Schoenburg was able to track down someone who actually worked with Sidon at Petran. Weber, says it was “common knowledge” that the flavor was created at Petran and that Sidon was the genius behind it. Sidon knew five languages and had a doctorate from his native country of Austria.

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